Inter-administrative Contracts

According to article 6º (2) of the Legal Regime of the Public Service of Passenger Transport, municipalities may delegate, in particular in the Intermunicipal Communities, their respective competencies in matters of public passenger transport services.

In the concrete case of Cávado, the municipalities of Amares, Esposende, Terras de Bouro e Vila Verde, delegated to the Autoridade Intermunicipal de Transportes do Cávado the transport competences. Thus, according to the legislation, the responsibilities of the municipal careers of the municipalities that delegate competences to the AITC are added.

It should also be mentioned that the other municipalities of Cávado, in particular Barcelos and Braga, have chosen to set up their own municipal transport authorities and assume the responsibilities of the municipal public transport service. Nevertheless, all six municipalities have been working closely with Cávado’s AIT.

The inter-administrative contracts were formally assumed on July 12, 2016, through a public ceremony that was attended by the Assistant Secretary of State and the Environment, Professor José Mendes.